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A Predictive Analytics Solutions Guide

A Predictive Analytics Solutions Guide

Analytics can give you a precise historical rundown on the state of affairs for your organization.  But predictive ability is more than a weather vane pointing in the direction of the average general trend.  Algorithms can detect patterns and cycles among characteristics that you may never have thought could correlated with one another.  Yet some of the rules that govern those patterns still must be crafted or coded by people, and it’s the combination of human intelligence and analytic science that join to create forecasting tools whose power and influence have never been seen before in the history of business. 

Tom’s IT Pro speaks with the world leaders in the more in-depth field of predictive analytics, in an effort to learn how systems, services, and data warehouses designed for business analytics can be adapted for true predictive analytics.

Scott M. Fulton, III has chronicled the history of computing as it happened, from the unveiling of the Apple III to the undoing of MS-DOS to the rise of the cloud.  Scott was one of the original online managers of the Delphi network (you remember modems, don’t you?), part of the original editorial team of Computer Shopper (you remember paper, don’t you?), the Senior News Editor at Tom’s Hardware and the original TG Daily (you remember... never mind), and for four years served as managing editor of Betanews.  He’s the author of 17 books and over 5,000 articles printed worldwide in multiple languages.  Scott also appears as contributing technology analyst on NTN24’s Ciencia, Salud y Tecnología.  So basically, he has at least one finger in just about every medium, in hopes that maybe one of them will take root and bear fruit.  You never know, something could happen.  His fingers are crossed.  (Which could explain the typing problems.)  While he’s waiting, Scott and his wife Jennifer, herself a best-selling author (where do you think he gets it?), run Ingenus, LLC, an editorial services provider for technology and higher education publishers.  Right now, their daughter is probably on Tumblr telling her friends how Dad keeps finding something new to go wrong with his VCR. You can follow Scott on Twitter at @SMFulton3.

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