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This Week On Tom's IT Pro: Get IT Certification Before Relocation, BI: Time to Analyze Everything?, The Stuxnet Lesson: Paying Attention to Dark Data Worth Your While, A Guide to Disaster Recovery in the Cloud, With Re-Launch Can Blackberry Make THE Comeback?, and more.

For a preview of the device's that next year's employees will running on their networks, savvy enterprise IT professionals headed to Vegas for the annual Consumer Electronics Show.

Dell Releases DVS Enterprise - Active System 800 for VMware Horizon View.

More securely protect business and personal apps and data. 

The cloud a key component of enterprises ability to gain unconstrained access to information and IT resources. 

VIDEO: Application Optimization Tune Ups Network Performance

Before dismissing network performance problems as something you can live with, consider the adverse impact slow application response times can have on your business. 

By monitoring the network, you’re really monitoring connectivity between devices and their performance.

A reader turns to IT training certification and training guru Ed Tittel for advice on picking an area to specialize and become certified in before emigrating to New Zealand or Australia. 

BI at the scale of big data requires data management practices, an understanding of how to perform exploratory analysis, and the ability to generate and test hypothesis about your data. 

Cartoon: King on IT – Tech Companies Have Eyes for Whom at the Dance?

Tech giants torn between current date, the consumer market, and wooing IT. 

Security company to provide multi-application single sign-on for mobile and web apps. 

Join us for a journey back in time and meet those operating systems that laid the foundation for the computer as we know it today. Read More

IDC study finds a high correlation between blade platform adoption and lower per user infrastructure costs among a wide range of businesses. 

Company adds three new models to its Firewall portfolio.

The Stuxnet Lesson: Paying Attention to Dark Data Worth Your While

Dark data is a rapidly developing trend in malware that raises the bar for enterprise security. 

There is life left in what seemed to be a dried up old fruit. RIM re-launches and rejuvenates itself as Blackberry and introduces long-anticipated Blackberry 10 OS. 

Six days following the release of yet another security patch for Java, an independent security startup identifies more serious Java 7 vulnerabilities. 

MobileFirst is an mobile enterprise portfolio that includes security, analytics and app development software tied to the cloud. 

Mobile Virtualization Platform on near horizon!

A Guide to Disaster Recovery in the Cloud

Cloud-based disaster recovery services are not taking the world by storm. Why is that?

Converged storage controls explosive data growth while maintaining operational efficiency and simplicity. 

Federal government, including the Pentagon, announces plans to expand its cybersecurity IT force.

To allow administrators to backup and restore vCD databases, vApps, VMs and other components directly to vCD. 

Doubles the computing power of Tilera's most recent 36-core Tile-Gx36 chip. 

Top Paying IT Certifications of 2013

Training and certification guru Ed Tittel comments on a recent list of the top 15 paying IT credentials for this year.

Multi-Factor authentication is a security technology that incorporates two or more of the following: something you know, something you have, and something you are. 

Announces release of two new Vblock systems aimed at mid-market customers. 

Microsoft makes plans to integrate Skype’s instant messaging, voice and video calling service with Lync as rumors reemerge of Skype’s integration with Xbox. 

HP reveals new integrative solutions: an Ethernet Switch, ProLiant blade, and Platinum Enclosure, along with two new HP StoreVirtual storage systems.

Slideshow: Ten of the Worst Security Breaches of All Time

Enormous data breaches were much harder to accomplish in the days before networked electronic databases.

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