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HP Toys With Selling Android-based Mobile Devices

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HP Toys With Selling Android-based Mobile DevicesHP Toys With Selling Android-based Mobile Devices

HP is working on a Android-based tablet, according to a report from ReadWrite, which means the largest PC-maker in the world might be letting its relationship with Microsoft turn a bit sour.

By switching to—or at the very least, experimenting with—Android, HP is indicating that Microsoft’s mobile software isn’t completely satisfactory for its hardware. In addition to planning a Jelly Bean-based, Tegra 4-powered tablet, HP could also have an Android-based smartphone in the works, says the report.

HP has tried many mobile strategies over the past few years but hasn’t yet found solid footing, either among consumers or enterprises. With the rise of BYOD policies, consumer appeal has never mattered more to hardware vendors eager to get buy-in from companies. If Windows 8 isn’t generating enough buzz to merit devotion to the platform, perhaps HP thinks it wise to spread the risk around and invest in Google’s open-source OS. The company has already announced a few tablets that will run Windows 8.

Regardless of which OS resides on most of HP’s mobile devices, the company has an uphill battle ahead to gain market share in this area. If it succeeds, then Microsoft will have to work harder too and retain more mobile hardware makers. Even though it has been slow to grow in the mobile space, HP has enormous industry clout, enterprise systems know-how, and sales channel access.

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