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Spiceworks Teams Up with Fiberlink for Free MDM Solution

By - Source: Toms IT Pro

This week at the SpiceWorld London user conference, Spiceworks announced their newly formed partnership with Fiberlink.  Spiceworks presently offers a free IT solution, currently used by over 2.5M IT professionals, which offers network inventory, network monitoring and a help desk solution.  The partnership with Fiberlink will enhance their next release, Spiceworks 7, with the highly rated MaaS360 MDM (Mobile Device Management) solution

Organizations have been faced with the complexity of mobile management and that need has been met with the rise of mobile solutions to help them tackle BYOD and the influx of additional devices, such as tablets.  With the addition of MaaS360, Spiceworks 7 will support Google Android, Apple iOS and Microsoft Windows Phone devices and will offer two levels of services:

  • Free Mobile Device Inventory and Monitoring
  • Premium Mobile Device Management Functionality

The Free Mobile Device Inventory and Monitoring service will include:

  • Mobile device and application discovery, which will include application/ hardware inventory and carrier information;
  • Simplified device enrollment via Spiceworks People View and Microsoft Active Directory
  • Custom alerting and monitoring to notify administrators of jail-broken devices, disabled passcodes, unauthorized applications and storage/data threshholds.

The Premium Mobile Device Management Functionality service will add the following features, at a preferred pricing level:

  • Over the air configuration allows administrators to remotely provision and update device features, email profiles, WiFi and VPN settings
  • Policy management and updating allows the creation and customization of device polices and feature restrictions based on device type, group or ownership.
  • Remote support allows passcodes to be reset, send messages to the user as well as device locating capabilities, locking or wiping of the device.
  • Application distribution/management allows for applications to automatically be installed to individuals or group devices.

The beta program is slated to begin this month and release is anticipated in early Q3 of this year. For more information on Spiceworks, please visit

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