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Dell Quest Survey shows Worldwide Outlook on BYOD Strategies

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Dell Quest Survey shows Worldwide Outlook on BYOD StrategiesDell Quest Survey shows Worldwide Outlook on BYOD Strategies

Majority of companies surveyed believe they'll improve work processes if they implement a Bring Your Own Device strategy.

According to a recent global survey held by Dell Quest Software, 70% of companies can improve work processes if they implement a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategy; including worker productivity and customer related services.

The survey spanned results coming from the US, UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Australia, Singapore, India and the region of Beijing with over 1400 IT decision making (DM) contributors. Optimism was a key outlook to determine whether BYOD solutions would benefit DMs’ organizations, and that not having control over consumerized hardware would put companies at a disadvantage. 

“We’re seeing dramatic changes in the way users interact with technology on their personal devices and the critical role BYOD plays in transforming business and IT culture," said Roger Bjork, Director of Enterprise Mobility Solutions, Dell Software Group, in a statement. "This global survey confirms what we have long suspected—companies that embrace a user-focused approach to BYOD may reap the biggest rewards, face the fewest obstacles and deliver real and immediate value in terms of greater efficiency, productivity and competitive advantage. Those slow to support BYOD or constrained by a device-centric approach may deal with greater challenges, including the risk of being left behind from a competitive standpoint.”

Other survey results include:

  • 17% of company DMs surveyed encourage BYOD and let employees choose which manage devices to use.
  • Around three quarters of the DMs said that understanding the needs of each BYOD user is key to a successful mobile management strategy.
  • Identified pluses for employees include flexible work hours, speed innovation, and facilitate teamwork and creativity. 
  • 56% of the respondents said that complete changes in IT culture were results of implemented BYOD strategies, while 54% have reported that the same strategies have changed their business’ cultures.
  • Worldwide, the US, Beijing region and Australia are the top proponents of supporting any device brought in by employees, while France, Germany and the UK are at the bottom of the list for having stricter requirements. 
  • Devices more important than user management for the US versus UK, Australia, France and Italy’s stance on putting users first.

See here to learn more about the survey.

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