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How to Get Mobility Right: Resources for BYOD

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Whether you have a BYOD policy or not, your end-users are accessing work related data on their own mobile devices. Learn how to plan, enable, protect, support and empower your users to get mobility right. The videos and articles below will help you create a mobile management strategy, establish BYOD security policies, hire the right people to do the job and more.

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VIDEO: Putting Mobile Management to Work

Did you know that 75% of employees already use their own mobile devices to access work-related data? Whether you have a mobile policy in place or not, your end users are taking advantage of mobility. In this video Anne shows you how the right solutions can keep BYOD in check.

A Guide to BYOD Policy: Planning and Risk Mitigation

As more and more consumer devices make their way to the enterprise, understanding BYOD and its impact on organizations is crucial. The biggest challenges for IT departments in supporting BYOD are costs and security. In this article Wolfgang outlines BYOD security concerns that you need to take into consideration and shows you how to mitigate BYOD risks.

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VIDEO: Mobile Management - Security Policies

BYOD is here to stay. Does your organization have a solid mobile security policy? In this video, Rachel walks you through a checklist of specific device management policies that will guide you through the process of securing the data on user devices.

A Guide to Selecting a Mobile Device Management Solution

Implementing a mobile device management  solution is not an easy task. And although it may be expensive depending on the size of your organization, the benefits outweigh the costs. In this article William shows you what you need to know before deciding on a MDM solution.

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VIDEO: How Secure Are Your Mobile Devices?

Enterprise mobile devices are all too popular nowadays. In this video Rachel explains how to keep them under control with Mobile Device Management. Explaining the different MDM security factors, Rachel covers device encryption, role-base access controls and more.

A Guide to Employing Mobile Security

Securely integrating mobile devices in any organization can be a complex challenge that demands specific skills and knowledge. In this career focused article, Ed outlines critical considerations when formulating your mobile security strategy, deploying BYOD and finding the right people to do the job.

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VIDEO: How to Make iPads and iPhones Secure

iPads and iPhones are two very common mobile devices proliferating the enterprise. In this video, Mikhael walks you through the iPhone Configuration Utility and shows you how to quickly secure your iPad, iPhone and iPad Touch.

A Guide to Key iPhone and iPad Data Protection Features

Apple security with iOS has taken a different route than Android, shifting to the granular, a la carte model, while Android remains more binary with their all or nothing approach. In this article Mikhael walks you through these granular security and privacy permissions on the iPad and iPhone.

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Corporate Data Hogs: 12 Facts about Mobile Data Consumption

Who are the biggest corporate data hogs? In the age of BYOD, the results can be striking and costs do keep rising as mobile workers consume more and more data. Check out these 12 facts about mobile data consumption.

Mobile Security Glossary - Sponsored by CDW

This glossary, brought to you by CDW, serves as a quick reference guide to some of the essential terms in mobile security.

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