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Voice, Text Encryption Comes to BlackBerry 10 via Cellcrypt Mobile

By - Source: Cellcrypt

Cellcrypt said last week that is has launched a government-grade encryption solution for voice calling and messaging for BlackBerry 10 called Cellcrypt Mobile. The application can be downloaded now from the BlackBerry World storefront and requires a subscription to the Cellcrypt Encrypted Voice Service to enable handsets to make encrypted calls to other Cellcrypt Encrypted Voice Service subscribers.

"Unsecured calls over smartphones are increasingly vulnerable to cellular interception, via attacks that are often undetectable to the phone’s owner," the company says. "In a world of increased surveillance and demonstrated attacks by hacker organizations, the need to secure one’s communications is greater than ever before. Cellcrypt Mobile for BlackBerry 10 delivers an easy to use downloadable application to counter cyber-crime by preventing voice interception on BlackBerry 10 smartphones."

The new solution acts like a phone app for Blackberry 10: simply open Cellcrypt Mobile, manually enter a Cellcrypt telephone number or select a saved Cellcrypt number, and press send. Obviously the app needs to be installed on both BlackBerry 10 devices to provide a secured link. The app uses the data channel (VoIP) rather than the standard voice channel, thus both users will need a data package offered by their wireless service providers.

"Government-grade cryptography is used to check the identity of each device on the call and then encrypt the call," the company states. "The recipient’s phone rings or vibrates, automatically shows the Cellcrypt Mobile screen and displays an incoming call. If the call is accepted a normal conversation is conducted until one of the callers hangs up. The caller is notified if the recipient is busy or not online."

Available on Apple's iPhone and Android phones, Cellcrypt Mobile includes a secure messaging feature designed for real-time, short lived messages. They're sent directly to the recipient, also a Cellcrypt user, and deleted as soon as they're read. This is ideal for sensitive, time-critical messages that have no business being sent over traditional means. Cellcrypt Mobile uses government-certified public key and symmetric cryptography via text data and the same architecture via voice data for calls.

"All communications products that rely on cellular networks are dependent on the strength, availability and reliability of the underlying radio network for their performance," the company states. "Cellcrypt understands this industry problem and is one of few companies to deliver specific technology solutions for optimizing performance in poor and variable wireless conditions, including its Encrypted Mobile Content Protocol and Encrypted Content Delivery Network."

For more information about Cellcrypt Mobile, head here. For BlackBerry 10, it's available for BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Q10 models on BlackBerry World here.

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