IT Today: Notable Enterprise Tech at CES 2013, Obtain IT Certs Before Moving Overseas, Dell DVS Enterprise Active System 800 for VMware VDI, Multi-Factor Authentication

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Tom's IT ProTom's IT ProToday On TIP: Noteworthy CES Announcements for Enterprise, VMware, Dell Collaborate on Converged Infrastructure for Reinvented VDI, Increase Security with Multi-Factor Authentication, Converged Clouds Empower IT, Application Optimization Tune Ups Networks, and more.

Slidewshow: CES 2013 - Noteworthy Announcements for the Enterprise

For a preview of the device's that next year's employees will running on their networks, savvy enterprise IT professionals headed to Vegas for the annual Consumer Electronics Show.

VMware, Dell Collaborate on Converged Infrastructure for Reinvented VDI

Dell Releases DVS Enterprise - Active System 800 for VMware Horizon View.

VIDEO: Increase Security with Multi-Factor Authentication

More securely protect business and personal apps and data.

Sponsored: Converged Clouds Empower IT

The cloud a key component of enterprises ability to gain unconstrained access to information and IT resources.

VIDEO: Application Optimization Tune Ups Network Performance

Before dismissing network performance problems as something you can live with, consider the adverse impact slow application response times can have on your business.

Moore’s Law In Pictures: An Illustrated History of the Microprocessor

Consider the orders of magnitude (and sheer manufacturing prowess) required to morph the very first 4-Bit microprocessors into the multicore powerhouses we use today.

Business Intelligence: Time to Analyze Everything?

BI at the scale of big data requires data management practices, an understanding of how to perform exploratory analysis, and the ability to generate and test hypothesis about your data.

Sponsored: Blade Servers Cut IT Costs

IDC study finds a high correlation between blade platform adoption and lower per user infrastructure costs among a wide range of businesses.

VIDEO: Who's Watching Your Network?

By monitoring the network, you’re really monitoring connectivity between devices and their performance.

A Guide to Disaster Recovery in the Cloud

Cloud-based disaster recovery services are not taking the world by storm. Why is that?

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