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Salesforce Creating Dropbox Rival for Enterprise

By - Source: Toms IT Pro

Salesforce is launching a Dropbox competitor called Chatterbox.

Salesforce is launching a Dropbox competitor called Chatterbox.Salesforce is launching a Dropbox competitor called Chatterbox.Tuesday during the TechCrunch Disrupt conference in San Francisco, CEO Marc Benioff revealed that the company is getting ready to launch a product that will rival popular online storage service Dropbox.

According to Benioff, the new service will be called Chatterbox, borrowing its name from the company's Chatter collaboration tool. He said more will be revealed about the new storage service during the company's Dreamforce conference starting next week.

"Our customers have come to us and said we want a Dropbox for the enterprise," Benioff said. "So we have to step up."

Despite free storage options from Amazon, Microsoft and Google, Dropbox has become unusually popular amongst the consumer crowd. It's also become a nightmare forIT administrators who are fighting to keep their networks secure while employees access personal files from their accounts in the cloud. This trend has pushed Box, VMware, Citrix and others to provide their own Enterprise-based solutions. actually made an investment in cloud storage provider Box late last year as part of an $81 million series D expansion round, calling it a "drop in the bucket." At the time, Box billed itself as "one of the fastest-growing enterprise applications of all time," with 7 million individuals and 100,000 businesses using its service. Around 77-percent of the Fortune 500 had adopted Box's service, with large deployments in companies like AAA, Amylin Pharmaceuticals, McAfee and Procter & Gamble.

"We’ve invested in a couple of them, we compete with a couple of them, we partner with a couple of them, and that’s kind of the nature of the industry," he said. "Our industry is not about the Hunger Games. I don’t look at our industry as a zero sum game."

Salesforce, whose products are used by companies like Facebook, really isn't out to take down the other competing services. Along with new services Salesforce Identity and, the company is wanting to provide products within a single sign-in so that customers aren't leaping out of the Salesforce environment.

Over 70,000 people are registered to attend Dreamforce next week, Benioff said on Tuesday. Attendees will have access to the event's keynote at no extra charge. So far it's unclear whether the three new products will become generally available next week during the show, or merely unveiled in more detail. Expect to hear an official announcement soon.

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