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Cisco Finally Climbs Onto the Digital Badging Bandwagon

By - Source: Toms IT Pro

Cisco is finally offering the opportunity to earn badges, but only if you hold a current Cisco certification or an Emeritus certification.

Source: Cisco Learning Cisco Learning badging's been around long enough for me to remain surprised when I run into a reputable or respected certifitication sponsor that doesn't choose to support this initiative. When I wrote a story for PearsonITCertification entitled "Could a Digital Credentials Clearinghouse be in the Offing?" I introduced readers to the Mozilla Open Badges Infrastructure on which much, if not most, of modern digital badging efforts rest. At about the same time, I started asking the Big 3 Cert Sponsors – namely, CompTIA, Microsoft and Cisco – when they would start supporting digital badging for their credentials. Back in 2013, all three hedged on answering and I learned they weren't yet convinced that digital badging was mature enough to warrant their buying into and implementing such technology. Lo, how things have changed over the past 3.75 years.

CompTIA started down the path immediately and by 2015 had bought into digital badging across the board. Microsoft didn't climb on until 2016 when it announced it would support digital badging for its latest Windows 10, Windows Server 2016 and other "latest platform" certification credentials. And now, at long last, Cisco has joined in with a story entitled "Cisco’s New Digital Badge Offering" appearing on March 3, 2017.

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Here are some high points from that announcement:

  • Cisco has partnered with Pearson VUE to use the latter company's Acclaim badging platform
  • Badging sign-up gets certified professionals access to job postings and recruiting information related to badged credentials
  • Badging permits employers to validate certification credentials quickly, easily and securely online

Who qualified for badging within the community of Cisco certified professionals? Anyone who holds a current Cisco certification or an Emeritus certification. Those individuals received emails on February 13, 2017, that their badges would be conferred within the coming weeks. Cisco also started issuing badges for new certifications earned on February 14, 2017. They report a "positive reaction" from their certification community overall. They also report that "at this time all active and Emeritus Associate, Professional and Expert certifications have a digital badge. People are already publishing their badges on professionally oriented social media sites like LinkedIn. So far the program shows every sign of being a success. I'm pleased to see this happen, but I wonder why it took Cisco so long to make this jump.