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More from Cisco on Network Programmability

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Cisco offers up a collection of online resources to help networking professionals pony up for network programmability.

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Recently, I provided an overview of Cisco's take on network programmability as the company geared itself up for International Programmer's Day on September 13. A week later, Cisco posted links to some pretty peachy resources to help interested network admins dig further into the company's vision of how modern networks should work and be controlled.

In fact, the company defines network programmability as "Driven by real benefits like time and cost savings, reduction of human error, customization and innovation, network programmability is currently understood as a set of tools and best practices to deploy, manage and troubleshoot network devices." In a recent post entitled "Celebrating Day of the Programmer with Resources to Build Your Career" from Cisco Learning Team member Karlo Bobiles, you'll find pointers to a slew of resources (mostly free) to help you dig in and learn more about this emerging technology nexus.

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Here's the trifecta of learning resources and links you'll find there:

  1. Links to free training videos from DevNet and Cisco experts on SDN topics. More than a dozen courses on SDN and related topics from Cisco trainers and subject matter experts. Upcoming live videos are also featured as well. Topics range from SDN and Network Programmability Basics and Open SDN/OpenFlow to details on specific APIs and SDKs for UCS, the DevNet Sandbox, Meraki, API REST and Cisco APIC.
  2. A link to Cisco's Network Programmability Study Group, an online social group that focuses on network programmability topics, tools, training and related certifications.
  3. A link to Cisco's Programming for Network Engineers (PRNE) v1.0 online learning class ($500) that includes link free trial versions of sections 1 and 4 of those training materials, which include self-paced reading materials, video training and access to hands-on labs for practice and further learning. Interested parties are presumed to have earned CCNA or higher certifications. Students will also be expected to work with Python (and to develop what Cisco calls "a full complement of Python programming skills") as they make their way through this course.

This should put a little more meat on the theoretical bones outlined in the May 2017 post from Cisco entitled "Defining Network Programmability." It certainly provides plenty of opportunities to learn and do more with the topics and technologies at work in this area. For readers who've invested in Cisco certification, network programmability appears to be an inevitable component of working with the companies platforms and technologies in the future. Why not get started and check these resources out, to see if there's something that might work for you?