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Cisco Updates Video Surveillance Manager 7 with Internet of Things Capabilities

By - Source: Cisco

Cisco revealed on Monday an updated version of Video Surveillance Manager (VSM) 7 platform that delivers three new scalable video architectures, and Internet of Things (IoT) solution capabilities for business intelligence with analytics and metadata. The company also said that its Cisco IP cameras are now "smart endpoints" providing an application development platform. Partners participating in the Cisco Developers Network (CDN) program can develop applications that integrate with Cisco IoT solutions.

"Organizations need secure and flexible video surveillance architecture to manage the growing number of cameras they are deploying in highly distributed harsh and industrial environments," the company said. "Cisco VSM 7 adapts to evolving business needs and provides an easy way to manage video, resources, troubleshooting and business intelligence."

Cisco's VSM is a secure, policy-based system that enables network and security teams to collaborate effectively in a highly scalable environment combining both video and network techniques to optimize the experience. The platform provides a web-based toolkit for configuration, management, display, and control of video from a wide variety of both Cisco and third-party surveillance endpoints. VSM also uses IP technology to provide scalability in terms of sites, cameras, viewers, and storage.

Cisco outlined the updated VSM 7 by describing four key features. According to the company, the platform's Federator helps organizations to centrally manage millions of IP cameras from a single user interface across globally distributed video surveillance deployments. The solution's Dynamic Proxy efficiently uses network bandwidth to deliver quality video to multiple users accessing the same video streams from any location. VSM 7 also provides enhanced medianet capabilities, and zero data loss, ensuring that video can be preserved.

"Cisco VSM 7 provides an analytics and metadata platform for business intelligence with the support of new IoT solution capabilities. This platform supports secure APIs for integration with third party eco-system partner analytics to record and index metadata with video," the company said. "An industry first in Cisco VSM 7 allows motion metadata search that reduces the time and improves method to search through days of recorded video using motion detection."

The company also introduced on Monday the Cisco 6050 Camera, a 1080p, ruggedized camera suitable for transportation vehicles such as buses and trains. The combination of high-resolution imaging and protective housing gives the Cisco 6050 the reliability required to maximize passenger safety and optimize mobile surveillance, the company said. The new camera is part of the company's 6000 series of 2.1MP high-definition cameras capable of 1080p video at 30 frames per second. Models are available in box, dome, and bullet form factors with options for indoor or outdoor mounting.

"Just a year after we launched Video Surveillance Manager 7 with virtualization and medianet, we are excited to present a major upgrade," said Guido Jouret, VP and general manager, Internet of Things Group at Cisco. "We are bringing scalability for VSM 7 and a platform for application development. This is great example of how businesses and organizations can use the Internet of Things to gain efficiency, harness intelligence, improve operations and increase customer satisfaction."

For more information about Cisco's Video surveillance 6000 Series of IP cameras, head here. Additional information regarding Video Surveillance Manager 7 can be viewed here.

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