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Cisco Cius: First Tablet to Take Enterprise IT Seriously

By - Source: Toms IT Pro

Today on Tom's IT Pro: a review of unified communications tablet, the Cius.

Today on Tom's IT Pro: Cisco Cius Tablet Review.

Cisco is a company that understands Unified Communications (UC), and its device, the Cius, is truly the first modern tablet to have enterprise IT in mind. William Van Winkle, Tom IT Pro senior contributor and our resident expert in UC, recently put the Cius through its paces.

William took the tablet for a spin at Cisco's Lake Oswego, OR office in the company's Rex Hill TelePresence room. Why not simply test the device by itself? Well, because the Cius isn't your everyday tablet computer.

As William points out, the 7-inch Android-run tablet is really nothing like the iPads, Android clones or PlayBooks of the world. That's because the Cius isn't designed to function only as a standalone device. It is also an extension of Cisco's big push into UC.  The full name of the Cius is, after all, the Cius Mobile Collaboration Device.

Not only does Cisco take security and deployment—both important factors to any IT professional, of course—seriously with the Cius, the tablet functions best (if not thrives) in Cisco's powerful UC ecosystem, which places a premium interoperability, collaboration and communications.

Check out William's review, Cisco Cius Tablet Review, to learn more about the Cius and its place in Cisco's slate of UC products and services. Get the lowdown on UC here and discover discover more about Cisco's post-PC UC makeover here.

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