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Citrix Supports XenDesktop 7 on Windows Azure

By - Source: Toms IT Pro

This week Citrix announced that its virtualization solution, XenDesktop 7, can now run on Microsoft's cloud platform and deliver mobile apps as well as Windows Server-based session desktops from Windows Azure. The software offers live session roaming, support for multiple device types and formats, and rich user-interface media experiences, Citrix said.

Citrix argues that Windows Azure provides an environment that is familiar to Windows administrators and is optimized for Windows workloads. The move to the cloud would allow IT to manage costs, extend capacity on-demand, reduce lead-time for procuring and configuring hardware, and reduce hardware sizing risk as loads fluctuate, the company said. According to Citrix, XenDesktop cloud-hosted session desktops support "any type of app, to any type of device, over any type of network".

Citrix XenDesktop 7 for Windows Azure is available now. There was no information on pricing.

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