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ClearSky Data Launches Global Storage Network

By - Source: ClearSky Data

ClearSky Data, a new company specializing in enterprise storage, has come out of stealth and announced the launch of its global storage network, promising to simplify the entire enterprise data lifecycle as a fully managed service. This new offering uses VMware vSphere Virtual Volumes as a key component and combines the performance and availability of local storage with the scalability, agility and economics of the cloud.

ClearSky may be a new company, but the challenge of storage management for large-scale companies has been a nightmare for many IT administrators for some time. Primary, backup and off-site storage management can become a burden when factoring in expenses, difficulty and time. The ClearSky service seeks to alleviate the complications of these tasks by combining the performance and availability of local storage with the scalability, agility and economics of cloud-based services.

Leveraging VMware vSphere Virtual Volumes as a key component, the ClearSky service allows customers to set storage policies, provision and add capacity on demand, and access all system alerts and updates from a web-based user interface, and it's designed to easily integrate into existing management infrastructures. This service level agreement (SLA)-based service also uses patent-pending "Smart Tiered Caching" technology to cache data across dedicated, redundant private networks and fully managed points of presence (PoPs) to provide optimal performance and reduced latency.

These "smart caches" are divided into three levels. Hot data will be cached almost locally, next to the customer applications. Warm data will be cached in a ClearSky PoP within 120 miles of the customer, and all data is redundant and protected with multiple copies in the ClearSky Backing Cloud. Theoretically, your data will have cloud-level dynamics and properties with local-level performance.

"Enterprise IT is ready to break free from managing storage infrastructure and embrace new levels of agility," said Ellen Rubin, CEO and co-founder of ClearSky Data, in a press release. "Our global storage network will forever change the way IT thinks about storage, so businesses can reduce data center footprints, save money and access their data on-demand for applications running on-premise and in the cloud."

ClearSky has set up shop at VMworld at booth #441, where it will debut the company and provide demos of the new service.

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