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Microsoft Updates Windows Azure SQL Database

By - Source: Toms IT Pro

Microsoft recently added four new features to its Azure SQL Database, offered as a solution for enterprise apps and hybrid applications hosted in an Azure cloud as well as on-premise. In the latest update, Microsoft gave the database:

  • Support for native distributed queries
  • Recursive triggers
  • Support for firewall rules at the database level

Distributed queries are not exactly new for Azure SQL, but they required the ODBC-to-OLEDB proxy in previous versions. The feature enables users to run queries across local and remote servers defined as "linked servers". The update allows users to simply define every Azure SQL database with the exception of the virtual master as a linked server.

Microsoft recently added four new features to its Azure SQL Database.Microsoft recently added four new features to its Azure SQL Database.

Additionally, the database solution now supports query optimization statistics for a table or indexed view that is shown via DBCC SHOW_STATISTICS. According to Microsoft, users should be able to use this feature to create a high quality query plan. Admins can also use the management portal or T-SQL commands to configure the SQL database firewall at the server level.

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