Top 5 in Tech: Cloud vs No Cloud, SDS, Heroku & More

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If I had heard the news sooner, Steve Ballmer's retirement plans would have definitely made my top 5 this week, but alas the announcement came after my weekly video shoot. So instead we're focusing on the evolution of business technology and the 'cloud -- no cloud' debate. We're also taking a peek at HP's first scale-out SDS solution to offer data tiering and the popular PaaS: Heroku.

Top 5 in Tech - August 23, 2013

Top 5 This Week:

  1. Evolution of Business Technology
  2. HP's StoreVirtual VSA
  3. PaaS Comparison: Heroku
  4. Discussion: Learning from Failure
  5. Tweet of the Week  via  @GeorgeReese

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