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Jeopardy, IBM and Watson as a Service

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What do you do after you win big on Jeopardy? Maybe you take your winnings and finally fund that company you’ve always wanted to start. IBM is thinking along those lines with Watson--the supercomputer that beat Jeopardy’s top trivia contestants two years ago.

IBM is putting in effort to turn Watson into a revenue stream with a series of products, including ones delivered over the cloud to enterprises. The first Watson-based products, for the healthcare industry, have already been announced. Watson also recently showed up to advise Citigroup about risk models.

In the future, Watson will be delivered via private, public, and hybrid cloud models, as well as on-premise, to business areas including marketing, operations, and finance. And IBM is already deploying Watson across all areas of its own business. The challenge lies in marketing Watson as a business strategy and not as an academic curiosity.

The computer’s biggest asset is its ability to understand and parse natural language queries (prompts phrased differently by different people), and deliver results or a set of answers based on its many teraflops of data access. Watson is also skilled at reporting on its estimated confidence that its various responses are accurate, relevant or match the queries.

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