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The Secrets to Better Office Wi-Fi

By - Source: Toms IT Pro

Today on Tom's IT Pro: Why Your Workplace Wi-Fi Struggles and The Cloud: Its Importance to Business and IT.

Wireless PolarizationWireless Polarization

Senior Tom's IT Pro contributor William Van Winkle uncovers why you might not be getting the most out of your workplace's Wi-Fi network in his article Why Your Workplace Wi-Fi Struggles. In it, he runs through the most common factors that can impede wireless performance and  technologies IT pros can leverage to help work around those issues.

William says understanding the roots of wireless connectivity issues is an important initial step toward remedying the situation. For instance, due to factors surrounding polarity and spatial multiplexing, two or three Wi-Fi antennas are better than one. Directional antennas, beamforming and dual-band are also all useful tools to enhance and improve the performance.

In his article, The Cloud: Its Importance to Business and IT, Trevor Williamson, Director of Solutions Architecture at GreenPages Technologies (a consulting, engineering and integration company), outlines the rise of the Cloud and the importance of understanding the ecosystems that surround it for the IT professional. He explains how Cloud technologies live where business meets IT organization—if not always physically, then philosophically.

Trevor addresses this  in two distinct but (as he points out) integrated sections: Why Cloud? Why now? and Decoupling the business benefits from the operation of compute assets.

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