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This Week On Tom's IT Pro: Working in the Cloud and On the Job,  Cartoon: IBM Moving Jobs to Mexico, Software License Management,  Where to Learn IT Skills Online, Unified Communications, Big Data Trends, IT Job Market Improving?, Google Compute Engine, and more.

There's more to UC adoption than may meets the eye. 

With the cloud, service techs can access job, client, and other information instantly, not to mention replace that bulky laptop with a slim smartphone that’ll fit in any pocket. 

Even the CIA needs cloud computing and allegedly the intelligence agency has contracted Amazon Web Services to build their next private cloud. 

IBM to move the bulk of its server manufacturing jobs from Rochester, Minnesota facility to Mexico. 

Slideshow: Buyer's Guide - Application Optimization Appliances

As businesses struggle to meet the needs of remote, mobile and branch office users, IT pros are striving to find ways to improve the performance of line of business applications. 

Software and hardware are to technology as yin and yang are to balance. Neither can operate without the other. However, tracking software can be a much more complicated endeavor.

Various technologies–collectively known as Unified Threat Management–make it easy to use appliance-based tools to provide thorough and comprehensive security coverage.

Important guidelines for choosing on-premise or managed UC. 

Save your company on software licensing costs while helping to avoid legal costs related to software licensing violations with a software asset management tool. 

Slideshow: Data Encryption Products - A Buyer’s Guide

There’s no reason you and your team need to learn the hard way about enterprise data encryption strategies.

Do long term projections of Amazon S3 storage costs keep you from moving some of your data to the cloud?

The industry’s very first Visual Computing Appliance (VCA) enabled by Nvidia’s grid technology, is seemingly making strides for virtual desktop infrastructure. Will it be a game changer for VDI?

CPAK will help enable vastly increasing global IP traffic for video and other multimedia content.

IT pros now looking to Quality of Service as way to alleviate the thorny network problems they wrestle with every day. 

Payment Card Security and Training: Why It Matters

Comprised of specific requirements regarding payment card security procedures, policies and guidelines, there are numerous programs that train, test and certify qualified professionals in PCI Security standards.

There are plenty of resources online to meet whatever learning style you prefer. 

An inhibitor to any stage of unified communications deployment is a lack of education.

Together, these disciplines are important because they provide important outward- and inward-facing functions to help avoid or mitigate risk, ensure compliance, and lower the burden on service or helpdesk operations.

When application components have been tuned but performance problems remain, the network becomes a prime suspect.

Understanding HIPAA Privacy and Security

If you and your company gather and retain private patient data subject to HIPAA, you absolutely cannot afford to ignore these privacy requirements. 

Survey suggests you are trailing one of the most significant disruptive technology trends we've seen in years.

This Buyer's Guide discusses how to right-size your SAM solution and evaluate capable SAM candidates, as well as how to deploy your chosen SAM in an enterprise setting. 

Improving business confidence means fewer layoffs in the future for IT, and increasing business investments in IT jobs and infrastructure. But it’s not yet time for IT pros to celebrate.

Demonstrates several new cutting edge server motherboards and barebones systems designed for high performance computing.

Cisco Chief Futurist: An Interview

Cisco’s Chief Technologist says unified communications is an entry point into a much, much broader conversation.

Before dismissing network performance problems as something you can live with, consider the adverse impact slow application response times can have on your business.

What exactly can an IT pro do to head off the coming storm of overwhelming network traffic and prevent connectivity chaos? 

Quickly secure iPads, iPhones and iPad Touches. 

Unified Communications makes your business rock! 

A Guide to Employing Mobile Security

Securely integrating mobile devices into an organization’s IT processes and infrastructure complex and challenging. 

Converged storage controls explosive data growth while maintaining operational efficiency and simplicity.

Tripwire and nCircle combine to grow the cyber security market by serving over 7,000 customers worldwide. 

In an effort to advance VMware’s software-defined vision, the company plans to combine its vCloud Networking and Security and Nicira NVP products creating VMware NSX.

BlackBerry still wants to do business with you, even if there are no actual BlackBerrys in sight. 

Getting Started with the Cloud: Google Compute Engine

Google could be the Amazon of but it is not, at least not yet. 

Enormous data breaches were much harder to accomplish in the days before networked electronic databases. 

Finding the right balance of licensing as much software as needed, but not more, is one of the challenges addressed by software license management.

Accurate information about risks leads to better decision-making: The more accurate the risk information, the better the decision, especially when it comes to IT security. 

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