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And The Interop Winners for 2013 Are ...

By - Source: Toms IT Pro

Interop, the 26 year old conference that covers IT solutions including Cloud Computing, Unified Communication, Networking, Security, and other enterprise level technologies, held one of their annual shows at the Mandalay Bay hotel in Las Vegas.  Using both exhibitions and workshop sessions, attendees at the show were presented to many of today's enterprise technologies and services.

For showing excellence in their exhibitor-ship skills and making strides for technological innovation, Interop 2013 presented the Best of Interop awards to the following companies. Expert judging teams in each of the customary eight categories determined the Best of Interop winners for 2013. And the winners are...

  • Grand Award Winner: Arista 7500E Data Center Switch -- Arista Networks
  • Cloud Computing & Virtualization: ExtraHop for Amazon Web Services -- ExtraHop Networks
  • Data Center & Storage: ZD-XL SQL Accelerator -- OCZ Technology
  • Management & Monitoring: ScienceLogic EM7 v7.3 -- ScienceLogic
  • Networking: Arista 7500E Data Center Switch -- Arista Networks
  • Performance Optimization & Testing: APN 3.0 Operating Software -- Talari Networks
  • Security: HackRack -- The Hacker Academy
  • Wireless, Mobility & BYOD Support: The Citrix Mobile Solutions Bundle -- Citrix               
  • Best New Startup Company: VDO360
  • Audience Choice Award: The Citrix Mobile Solutions Bundle -- Citrix

 >> Learn more about Arista's 7500E Data Center Switch

This year Best of Interop has introduced the inaugural Audience Choice Award for 2013, which was chosen by Wednesday’s Keynote Address attendees.  Eligibility for consideration was based on product availability, from announcement on or after September 1, 2012 to availability for purchase by September 1, 2013. Interop 2013is taking place this week, May 6th through 10th.

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