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Red Hat Talks Up Its Free and Paid OpenStack Distros

By - Source: Toms IT Pro

Much like the model it has used to provide Linux operating systems to enterprises, Red Hat will release a free, community supported distribution of OpenStack called RDO, as well as a commercial enterprise version called Red Hat OpenStack. RDO is to Fedora, what Red Hat OpenStack is to Red Hat Enterprise Linux. The paid OpenStack version from Red Hat is currently available to participants in the Red Hat Early Adopter Program for a 90 day free trial, and will be available to everyone else in July.

RDO will run on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Fedora, as sort of a test bed for new features that could ultimately end up in the paid version of OpenStack from Red Hat. Enterprises that want to use OpenStack as a framework to build and manage cloud networks for computing, storage and networking are most likely in the market for a software solution -- many of their representatives are attending the OpenStack conference in Portland this week.

One potentially innovative new feature in RDO is called PackStack -- its a new installation tool that could simplify the process, which can be a hairy one for network administrators. Only time will tell if PackStack becomes part of the paid OpenStack distribution from Red Hat.

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