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Dell Announces Latest Cloud Client Computing: Wyse ThinOS and D10D Thin Client

By - Source: Toms IT Pro

Dell introduces the Dell Wyse ThinOS 8 firmware and the Dell Wyse D10D thin client, the latest addition to the company's Cloud Client Computing portfolio.

According to Dell, the firmware-based ThinOS is a super-fast, purpose-built cloud client computing OS that boots up in seconds, updates itself automatically, and delivers simple, scalable administration. It's immune to malware and viruses that make other operating systems vulnerable to attack because the APIs remain unpublished, and there is no actual attack surface.

"With full support for Dell Wyse Virtual Desktop Accelerator (VDA), ThinOS neutralizes the effects of network latency and packet loss, even in remote-branch and field-based applications," the company states. "Dell Wyse ThinOS is the most optimized, management-free solution for Citrix XenApp, Citrix XenDesktop, Microsoft Terminal Server and VMware Horizon View virtual desktop environments."

The new Dell Wyse ThinOS 8 is enterprise-ready, providing smartcard, proximity card, single sign-on, 802.1X, and extensive EAP security. It also includes AES disk encryption and extensive EAP 802.X security protocol support to effectively mitigate risk. It also lowers the total cost of ownership of endpoint devices, helping organizations optimize their IT investments, the company said.

As for the network router-shaped Dell Wyse D10D, it combines Dell Wyse ThinOS, a dual-core 1.4 GHz G Series CPU from AMD, and a "revolutionary" unified graphics engine. It also features Gigabit Ethernet, a dual-band Wireless N option (up to 300 Mbps), and four USB 2.0 ports. The included Dell Wyse Device Manager enables scalable administration for just a few to tens of thousands of thin clients, whereas the Dell Wyse Cloud Client Manager is a unified cloud-based management system for keeping track of company and employee-owned smartphones, tablets and cloud clients.

"The D10D addresses the performance challenges of processing-intensive applications like computer-aided design (CAD), multimedia, HD video and 3D modeling," the company said. "Scalable enterprise-wide on-premise or cloud-based management provides simple deployment, patching and updates. Take a unit from box to productivity in minutes with auto configuration."

The device supports simultaneous dual digital displays with dual monitor rotation, and 1080p A/V content and virtualization protocols developed by Dell Wyse. It only consumes 12 watts of power as well, and supposedly has a very long life cycle, benefiting the environment and increasing the overall value of the solution.

The Dell Wyse ThinOS 8 firmware upgrade will be available for several existing Dell Wyse thin client models, including V10LE, C10LE, T10, and R10L on June 21 for all current maintenance subscriptions -- it will also come standard on the Dell Wyse D10D. The Dell Wyse D10D thin client will be available worldwide June 21 for $399 ECP.

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