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VIDEO: The Business Case for Cloud Computing

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In part three of our Contracts for the Cloud series, Tom’s IT Pro asks Cloud Contracting guru, Thomas Trappler, about the business case for Cloud Computing.

In our series of Contracts for the Cloud videos, Tom's IT Pro security expert Michael Felker talks with author, speaker Thomas Trappler about what you need to know about contracts before, during and after signing that dotted line.

In this video, Part III, Trappler speaks to making the business case for Cloud Computing:

VIDEO: The Business Case for Cloud Computing

How to decide what you put in the cloud?

  • Unique Needs
  • Tolerance for Risk
  • Issues related to Cloud Computing and your Business

What should you not put in the cloud?

  • Core Processes
  • Regulated Data

Watch Video: What to know about Contracts for the Cloud for Part I and Video: Cloud Contracts: What's In Them for Part II in our Cloud Contracts Video series.

Thomas Trappler is the Director of Software Licensing at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) where he leads enterprise-wide IT procurement and vendor management initiatives. Thomas is a nationally recognized expert in Cloud Computing risk mitigation via contract negotiation and vendor management. He has been a guest lecturer at the Polytechnic Institute of New York University, and teaches his own course "Contracting for Cloud Computing Services" at UCLA. Thomas recently published "Contracting for Cloud Services," the first and only book focused specifically on Cloud Computing contract issues.

Mikhael Felker is an IT pro who has worked in Defense, Healthcare, High-Tech and Non-Profits. He teaches, writes, and speaks at numerous Southern California venues about technology. See here to check out all his Tom's IT Pro articles.

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