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Microsoft Drops Windows Azure Storage Prices

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Microsoft recently announced a 28 percent reduction in prices for Windows Azure Storage. The new prices took effect on December 12 and follow a 12 percent reduction that was announced in March of this year.

The new prices begin at $0.070 per GB (locally redundant) and $0.095 per GB (geographically redundant) for the first terabyte of data and scale down to $0.037 per GB and $0.055 per GB, respectively for a data volume of more than 4,000 TB. Microsoft said that its geographically redundant service provides more than 400 miles of separation between replicas.

The company is offering further discounts for long-term commitments. For example, a customer who commits to spending at least $500 per month for six months will get a 20 percent discount. An additional 2.5 percent is offered for a 12-month plan and another 2.5 percent for those who pay upfront. The maximum discount of 32 percent is given to customers who commit to more than $40,000 of spending per month for 12 months via an upfront payment.

Microsoft Drops Windows Azure Storage PricesMicrosoft Drops Windows Azure Storage Prices

Microsoft said that it currently stores more than 4 trillion objects for its customers and records an average of 270,000 requests processed per second, and a peak of 880,000 requests per second.

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