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Is Oracle’s Non-Relational Database Right for Your Project?, Another Terrific IT Certification Resource, Get Thin: A Buyer’s Guide to 1U Servers, Resurrect Dead Laptops with Virtualization Technologies, Cloudification: Stop Abusing the Cloud, and more.

Following request from partners to provide cloud deployment support focused on driving a faster adoption of Office 365. 

Savvisdirect combines CentryLink's North American services with its global infrastructure. 

KEMP's new LoadMaster entry will be based on DEll's PowerEdge R320 platform. 

When your data management requirements do not demand all the features of a relational database you should consider an alternative method.

Cloudification: Stop Abusing the Cloud

As far as buzzwords go, the "cloud" we so often refer to these days is about as fuzzy as it can get. 

HPC systems maker's servers now available with Nvidia's Tesla K20 family of GPU accelerator. 

AMD has updated its Opterons with Bulldozer core to the Piledriver core. 

New storage solutions based on a single architecture but designed to address businesses and enterprises of all sizes. 

Server hardware is often optimized for a particular mix of three resources: compute capability, storage, and network connectivity.

Mirek Burnejko’s excellent IT Certification Master is one of just a handful of general, unbiased, and up-to-date information certification repositories on the Web. 

Slideshow: Top Paying Technology Jobs by Position

The world of IT is in constant ferment, and it’s fascinating to watch how new tools and technologies give rise to new jobs for people who practice various specialties. 

Introduces AWS Data Pipeline, a new service that manages data flow from disparate locations to correct destinations.

Hardware failure doesn't necessarily mean the irrevocable loss of current applications, settings and data for the typical portable PC.

Gartner estimates that server vendors were able to increase their shipments by 3.6 percent in the third quarter, but suffered a 2.8 percent revenue decline at the same time.

Spreadsheets were an early driver for PC use because they were easy to use and fit a wide range of problems. Those same characteristics make them a good option for working with big data as well.

A big block of upcoming exam retirements in the Microsoft program speaks loudly about the company’s desire to move its installed base forward, onward and upward.

If you want to understand how to build and design good Web sites, and create interesting and approachable content for such sites, read this article.

Slideshow: Gadgets for the System Administrator's Toolbox

Favorite product types that are clever additions to every data center. 

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