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Commvault File Sharing Bridges Gap Between IT And File Sharing Apps

By - Source: Commvault

Commvault announced Commvault File Sharing, an expanded feature set to its existing Endpoint Data Protection Solution, giving organizations a secure option for sharing and collaborating without giving up IT controls on organizational data. Commvault File Sharing creates a secure file repository for users to store their data. The repositories can be accessed through any web browser or mobile device.

Enterprise file sync and share (EFSS) solutions can be a hotly contested concept in many organizations. Users require a flexible and usable solution to adequately share and collaborate. However, IT is reluctant to lose control of data and safeguards security and compliance for the organization. Much of the problem results from not knowing what is being shared, who has access to it, and not being able to perform data operations such as nightly file backups.

"IT is losing its grip on corporate data through the combination of poor data governance and an increasing reliance on less secure file sharing solutions," said Rama Kolappan, senior director and head of Commvault's Information and Mobility Management Business Unit. "Through Commvault File Sharing and our new Edge Drive feature, users now have the freedom to share, collaborate and be productive from virtually anywhere in the world without any tradeoffs in security and compliance."

Recognizing the broad adoption of existing file sync and share solutions in the market, Commvault's Endpoint Data Protection Solution can also be used to complement and reduce the risk of existing cloud services by assuring that the data shared through OneDrive, Dropbox and other services is visible to IT, secured and backed up, fully searchable for use by end users, and available for eDiscovery.

Features and capabilities include backing up and recovering files, file sync between all user devices, and the ability to share files and folders within the users' Edge Drive folders.

Commvault File Sharing with Edge Drive is available now as part of the Endpoint Data Protection product. It is licensed per user, not by device.