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CommVault Takes A Stab At Endpoint Protection With New Simpana Offering

By - Source: CommVault

Properly securing a mobile device fleet is both vitally important and, usually, quite difficult. Luckily, the market is full of solutions aimed at securing endpoints; some take the form of partitioned or encrypted local storage, while others simply move business data into the cloud for safe keeping. Today CommVault announced the official launch of Simpana for Endpoint Data Protection, an endpoint security solution designed to secure locally stored user data.

As you would expect, data backup and recovery makes up a large part of the solution. The software enables source-side deduplication, as well as bandwidth throttling. Simpana for Endpoint Data Protection offers access to endpoint data via a web portal or mobile app.

As for the protection of the data itself, Simpana for Endpoint Data Protection encrypts both data at rest and data in motion. You may encrypt individual files, as well. If a device is stolen or lost, the device user or IT admin may remotely wipe data from the device. There is also a geolocation feature for pinpointing the device’s location; both features are accessible through the web portal. It should be noted that Simpana is FIPS 140-2 certified.

Some not-so-common aspects of Simpana for Endpoint Data protection include a secure file sharing platform and eDiscovery features. The policy-based file sharing features are essentially a way to avoid using consumer file services, such as DropBox, granted you don’t already have another file sharing system in place. The eDiscovery features allow for data and file searches to cover your entire enterprise; admins may set role-based access policies for this feature, as well.

Simpana for Endpoint Data Protection is a standalone software offering, meaning the pricing structure is separate from the larger Simpana solution. CommVault offers a basic endpoint protection package that just includes backup, restore and data loss prevention features for $4.50 per user per month. With the basic solution, you may purchase add-on features, including file sharing and collaboration, at an additional $4.00 per user per month, or compliance and eDiscovery at $2.00 per user per month. The entire solution is offered at $9.75 per user per month.

Having locally-stored data encrypted is essential in the modern world, especially for business users. If the newest Simpana solution can deliver what it says it can, this could be a powerful addition to your mobile fleet. For more information on CommVault’s Simpana for Endpoint Data Protection visit the company’s product page.