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Commvault Update Reveals Open API, Performance Increase

By - Source: Commvault

Commvault has revealed a new version of its enterprise data management software. This new version brings a number of changes and updates several key components, including Commvault Data Platform and the Commvault Virtual Repository.

One of the biggest changes in this version of Commvault software is the inclusion of an open Application Programming Interface (API) architecture. As many in the industry are noticing, the ability of software to be accessed and controlled through the use of open APIs is becoming standard. By including the API, Commvault opens up its software to break out of its silo and connect to developers as well as other software and services already in the environment.

Another change in this Commvault version is the removal of backup windows. Instead of having specific times where the data is inaccessible or otherwise in the process of being backed up, all changes from files and applications are written to backup incrementally. By making this change from set backup times to constantly updating the backup as required, the data protection features of Commvault are maintained while reducing the impact on storage and network bandwidth during a high-traffic maintenance window.

As an extension of the revamp of the backup process, the restore process has undergone some changes. Just as the backup process is made more immediate, the restore process now provides "instant recovery," where snapshots of the data are periodically and consistently updated to provide point-in-time recovery instances.


For cases where basic recovery is not going to cut it, there are improved processes to save and restore large datasets into private and public clouds to assist in Disaster Recovery (DR). Whether the storage for the DR is appropriated on-premises, off-premises, or in a public cloud, orchestration for the backup and restore is all provided through a simple management task.

The flexibility in connecting to disparate storage systems also highlights improvements in search capabilities. Whether data is being created live or stored in an archive, the improved search functionality in Commvault is able to find and present it through Total Search. Total Search allows users to input search queries and return results from cloud, on-premises storage, and the Commvault virtual repository.