CCE: Certified Computer Examiner

Best Computer Forensics Certifications For 2015

The Certified Computer Examiner (CCE) comes from the International Society of Forensic Computer Examiners, also known as ISFCE.

It is well recognized in the industry and in the law enforcement community as a leading credential for computer forensics professionals. Private-sector holders usually include security officers and managers, IT administrators or managers, security or forensics consultants, systems and data security analysts and investigators, and even some lawyers and human resources managers. Law enforcement holders usually serve as forensic investigators, analysts or technicians, and conduct official investigations to research or prosecute computer crimes.

The certification process for the CCE includes both a proctored online multiple-choice exam and hands-on forensic analysis of several assigned problems. When the online exam is completed (passing score of at least 70 percent required), applicants receive instructions on how to create a CCE Toolbelt account, which is required to gain access to the practical portion of the exam. During the hands-on practical exam, candidates conduct a thorough forensic examination of the test media with which they are supplied and submit a report of their findings to their assigned assessor. A minimum score of 70 percent is required on the first practical problem to proceed to subsequent problems. All practical examination problems must be completed within 90 days, and an overall score of 80 percent is required to gain the credential. Together, both written and hands-on portions are intended to verify a candidate’s skills and knowledge in the area of computer forensics.

The CCE training classes usually run for five days in the classroom (or 40 hours of online or self-paced materials). Instructor-led versions generally cost $2,500 to $3,500 USD and are highly regarded. Online or self-paced versions may be somewhat less expensive but don’t always deliver direct instructor contact.

Table 2: CCE Facts & Figures

Certification NameCertified Computer Examiner (CCE)
Prerequisites/Required CoursesOne of the following is required:
- Training at a CCE Bootcamp Authorized Training Center
- Proof of other digital forensics training (can be self-study); must be approved by the Certification Board
- At least 18 months of verifiable experience conducting digital forensic examinations

Note: Candidates cannot have a criminal record.
Number of ExamsTwo exams are required:
- Online written exam (75 questions in 45 minutes; 70 percent passing score required to proceed to practical examination)
- Practical examination (three actual scenarios to investigate); 70 percent passing score required on first scenario problem to proceed to subsequent problems

Note: An average score of 80 percent for both exams is required to earn the CCE.
Cost per Exam$395 USD for both exams in the USA; prices vary by location elsewhere
Self-Study MaterialsBooks and online materials: