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Connected Data Partners, ImmixGroup To Bring File Sync And Share (FSS) To Government Agencies

By - Source: Connected Data

Connected Data has partnered with public sector technology products provider immixGroup to bring Connected Data's Transporter private cloud file sync and share platform to government agencies throughout North America. Transporter is Connected Data's private cloud file sync and share appliance. This appliance enables governments to offer cloud-like file services to their constituents in situations where compliance regulations prohibit storage of sensitive data outside an organization's firewall.

"The Transporter appliance provides immixGroup with an opportunity to enhance its trusted advisor status with its government accounts and partners -- further demonstrating its commitment to meeting this market's unique requirements," said Russ Johnson, Chief Operations Officer, Connected Data.

Connected Data Transporter allows IT organizations to add a DropBox-like file sync and share experience, while still utilizing existing storage hardware. Connected Data's Transporter offers the benefits of an on-premises appliance, using local high-speed network infrastructure, giving government IT organizations full ownership of the physical location and redundancy of data, and offering the highest levels of security and privacy.

Connected Data's Transporter appliance comes in sizes ranging from the workgroup-class Transporter 15 and Transporter 30 user models, on up to the rack mount Transporter 75, Transporter 150 and Transporter 500 user configurations. All Transporter appliances feature RAID protection and auto-sync between Transporters. Organizations can seamlessly scale up their storage capacity by adding more Transporters. Rack mounted Transporters feature redundant power and cooling, NAS Integration and SSD Metadata Acceleration.

Connected Data's Transporter appliances use military-grade Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256) security during transfer. Because replicated data travels over local networks, an organization's Internet connection can be utilized more efficiently.

immixGroup uses its knowledge of government acquisition policies and business protocols to help provide government agencies with access to products and services from hundreds of technology companies like IBM, Oracle, Intel, Cisco and others.