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Coraid Launches New High-Performance EtherDrive Series

By - Source: Coraid

On Tuesday Coraid launched its next-generation line of block storage appliances aimed at cloud and enterprise data centers, the EtherDrive SRX6000 Series. The company said they feature a faster processor, new bus architecture and the new CorOS 7.0 software release to deliver over 700,000 IOPS in a single chassis and over 4,800 MB/sec of throughput. That's more than double the throughput and up to five times the IOPS seen with the previous models.

"The EtherDrive SRX6000 Series is the core of Coraid’s high-performance product line, delivering scale-out network storage for block workloads, as well as capacity for Coraid ZX file storage products," the company said. "Customers can quickly and non-disruptively deploy SRX6000 systems on the same network as current EtherDrive SRX Series storage systems to deliver enhanced performance, improved scalability and increased functionality."

The company said the EtherDrive SRX6000 Series offers flash performance in a scale-out architecture, leveraging the power of connectionless, massively parallel Layer 2 Ethernet. It also provides simplified management and programability so that customers aren't required to purchase another tier of custom storage arrays. Appliances are self-contained and available in 16- to 36-disk configurations, the company said, with the ability to mix-and-match SATA, SAS, and solid-state drives (SSDs).

According to a list of features, JBOD and RAID levels 0, 1, 5, 6, 10 are supported with multiple automatic global spares. The series relies on a real-time caching algorithm called EtherFlash Cache to ensure that the most frequently read data is served from high-performance flash SSDs. There's also Automatic LUN Discovery, meaning LUNs are automatically discovered by the host as systems are added to the network.

The list also shows Automatic Multipathing which automatically load balances read/write I/O across all available ports and paths of the network. The new series also provides single instant LUN view, meaning a persistent single instance of each LUN is presented to the host system no matter how many network paths are available, eliminating multiple representations of the same LUN.

Additional features include a simple major.minor numbering scheme that is easy to understand and remember, LUN masking which is a mechanism to control access to stored data, VLAN Zoning which provides VLAN tags that restrict access to authorized LUNs, automatic global hot spare disks, and zero hour support, meaning meta data resides with disks enabling rapid failure recovery simply by moving disks to a spare chassis.

"Flash is a tremendous enabler for scale-out storage, because small modular arrays can now outperform large legacy storage arrays with thousands of hard drives," said Doug Dooley, vice president of product management at Coraid. "By giving customers the flexibility to maximize the performance of all drive types in a single platform, all accessed over simple Layer 2 Ethernet, the Coraid EtherDrive SRX6000 Series helps customers integrate flash performance into their core storage environments."

EtherDrive SRX6000 Series appliances are available for order immediately, with all-flash configurations starting at just over $5/GB and less than $0.10/IOPS. To get a quote on pricing, head here.

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