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pCloud Workspace Makes The Case For Desktop-Free Environments

By - Source: Toms IT Pro

There are many IT solutions today that aim to take as much management and fuss out of operations as possible. For many businesses, the ability to offload small management tasks to a third party is paramount to day to day operations. One such company looking to ease your infrastructure management tasks is Corporate IT Solutions. Today the company announced pCloud Workspace, a desktop as a service (DaaS) that aims to significantly reduce on-premises infrastructure management.

"With the rapid growth of mobile technologies and remote workforces, easy and secure access to enterprise applications and data from any device has become essential to organizational productivity," said Jeffrey Boardman, CIO at Corporate IT Solutions. "Existing virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) offerings have failed to meet many organizational needs due to their high cost and complex deployments."

pCloud Workspace is offered as either a public or private cloud, although both are hosted at Corporate IT Solutions. pCloud Workspace as a public offering is a multi-tenant environment aimed at small or mid-sized operations. The private offering, a single-tenant environment, is more suited to large operations or those with compliance concerns.

With this offering, Corporate IT Solutions is attempting to stress ease-of-use. Clients may switch between public and private environments, as well as add or remove desktops on the fly. In terms of pricing, pCloud Workspace is billed per user, between $125 and $175 per user, on a monthly basis. Any changes in the environment made during the billing month, such as switching from public to private cloud or changing the number of desktops, will be prorated to the next bill.

"pCloud Workspace is an ideal solution for IT organizations with a decentralized structure and a growing base of remote and mobile staff," says Boardman. "It also provides important flexibility for organizations experiencing rapid growth that need to scale quickly."

One thing to note about pCloud Workspace is that it is hosted in Boston, MA. For those not on the East Coast of the United States, latency issues will be something to look for. Corporate IT Solutions' pCloud Workspace is available now. For more information or to sign up for a demo visit the company's product page.