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Cortado Mobility Solution Updates EMM Software, Corporate Server 7.4 Emphasizes Productivity

By - Source: Toms IT Pro

Cortado Mobility Solutions released an update for its Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) product, Cortado Corporate Server. The new version, 7.4, puts an emphasis on user productivity, taking inspiration from Apple's iOS user-centric approach.

Cortado Corporate Server 7.4 is a completely on-premises solution running on Windows Server, which puts apps from the App Store front and center on user's mobile devices.

Other EMM features such as device provisioning and management are included, and the next generation of mobility management, Mobile Application Management (MAM) is also available in this release. Using the MAM features of Cortado Corporate Server, you can publish apps directly from the App Store just as easily as you can push individual documents to devices. Version 7.4 has been streamlined and is 100 percent optimized for both iOS 7 and Samsung SAFE.

Another feature that the users of the latest version will appreciate is the separation of corporate storage spaces and files from personal documents. The apps that they use to access the data, such as Mail and Safari, will still be available on their device, and they won't have to modify the applications to use them in your environment. With the separate storage functionality, documents sent from people within your organization automatically get saved to a container used specifically for storing those documents securely. Saving a document from somebody outside your organization would save to the regular mobile device library.

Features of Cortado that IT Professionals will appreciate are its integration with Active Directory, so that pushing documents and settings can be as simple as AD group management.

Administration with PowerShell is possible through a standard Active Directory module, but there are also custom modules that ship with the server to make scripting and management that much easier. Remote administration is also simplified through an integrated web-service.

Cortado Corporate Server version 7.4 is available now. For those that are considering implementing a mobile management strategy, a demo version of the latest software is available at