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Slideshow: Horrifying Data Center Disasters

Slideshow: Horrifying Data Center Disasters
The Stuff Of Nightmares

Most of us take a great deal of care with the environments in which we house our equipment. We follow best practices, we inspect, we optimize for efficiency. Cord management is something we tamed a long time ago--no rats nest of cables to be found in our data centers. But sometimes, in the dead of night, we awake in a cold sweat--the horror! A force of nature, an act of god, or one faulty circuit and it could all be destroyed. For most of us, these haunting images of fire and brimstone in the server room are just the stuff of nightmares, but for others, no amount of careful planning and control could prevent catastrophe from befalling them (or maybe the blame is to be put on the heads of a few careless admins). Just in time for Halloween, we found a fright fest of data center images that will keep you up at night: storms, leaks, explosions, charred remains, and more. It isn’t always easy to determine just what went wrong, or where, but mostly these images (often taken by quick-thinking admins in a moment of utter panic) will scare you into taking a few more precautions.

**Editor's Note: Our thoughts, prayers, hopes and wishes are with the those having to deal with the devastation left behind by Hurricane Sandy.  This article was originally written and scheduled for Halloween, however fate and timing has landed it’s publishing date during the days of the extensive clean-up on the east coast.  From an IT perspective, family, friends and other loved ones come first, but the task of having to recover a business after such a huge disaster will eventually have to be confronted and will take time.  Disaster recovery for IT is one of those concepts that we tend to over-look till we’re reminded of how big and devastating a disaster can be.

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