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Dell’s New Precision Workstation Duo: R7610 and T1700

By - Source: Toms IT Pro

One of Dell’s new Precision workstations, the Precision R7610 Rack Workstation, is now available with a starting price of $2,179.  The Precision R7610 runs on dual Intel E5-2687W 150-watt 8-core processors, can support up to 4-single wide graphics cards, and provides 16 DIMM slots for expanded memory up to 256GB which will be doubled to 512GB by year-end.  This rack-mountable 2U, datacenter optimized workstation offers new virtualization and remote capabilities that can cater to the arduous needs of engineers, designers and power users.

It’s counterpart, the T1700, is advertised as the smallest chassis workstation in its class (almost 30% smaller than comparable products offered by HP and Lenovo) and comes in both tower and small form-factor models.  Both are designed, certified and targeted towards the engineering, architecture and finance sectors.  The Precision T1700 Mini-Tower and Small Form Factor will become available, worldwide, on June 4th.  Pricing will not be released until that date, however Dell hinted in an announcement, last week, that these entry-level workstations will deliver higher performance at ‘desktop PC prices’.

Both of these models feature the newly introduced Precision Performance Optimizer Platform which claims to improve application performance by automatically managing performance tuning, system maintenance and tracking and reporting schemes. Dell has aligned with industry partners to address integrations and certifications across different business sectors and market trends.

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