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Tom's IT Pro: Slideshow: Dos and Don’ts of IT Product and Services Evaluation, VIDEO: Enterprise Data Encryption Explained, Tools Are Not Enough: Driving Factors for Software License Management, Smartphones and Tablets Beat Personal Computers in Market Share, and more.

Slideshow: Dos and Don’ts of IT Product and Services Evaluation

Make better better decisions by following these basic steps for objective IT product evaluations.

VIDEO: Enterprise Data Encryption Explained

Don't let your organization become a cautionary tale about poor encryption policy.

Tools Are Not Enough: Driving Factors for Software License Management

Get the right people, processes and procedures in place to enjoy continual success with your software compliance initiative.

Smartphones and Tablets Beat Personal Computers in Market Share

IDC research reveals smartphone and tablet growth has not only outpaced personal computers.

Sponsored: Scaling Out with Converged Networks

Networks need to be simpler, flatter and more capable of meeting the high-scale demands of dynamic workloads.

VIDEO: Understanding Unified Communications

Learn about Unified Communications and training opportunities in this growing area so vital to business success.

Software License Management: ABC, 123, Do-Re-Me

Software and hardware are to technology as yin and yang are to balance. Neither can operate without the other. However, tracking software can be a much more complicated endeavor.

Moore’s Law In Pictures: An Illustrated History of the Microprocessor

Consider the orders of magnitude (and sheer manufacturing prowess) required to morph the very first 4-Bit microprocessors into the multicore powerhouses we use today.

VIDEO: Threat Prevention: Exactly What Is It?

We look at three sets of threat prevention products that will protect your environment at different levels of enterprise IT.

Nvidia Unveils New Range of Pro Graphics Cards for Workstations

The latest in Nvidia's Quadro line of professional graphics products will offer "unprecedented workstation performance and capabilities."

Oracle Launches Next-Gen Database Appliance X3-2

Oracle Database Appliance now has a beefier, better-performing little brother in the hardware-software combination category.

VIDEO: Cloud Services: No Buzz, No Bull

Straight talk about cloud services.

Evaluating IT Certification Programs: Great, Modest, and Negligible

IT training guru Ed Tittel discloses how he evaluates certification programs to decide if he thinks they’re worth covering in general or in particular.

Electronic Medical Record Spotlight: GE Healthcare's CPS

We use GE Healthcare’s Centricity platform to illustrate what to expect and the sorts of questions to ask while developing your own Electronic Health Record strategies.

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