IT Today: How to Cut Storage Costs with Amazon Glacier, SAM Licensing Compliance and Enforcement, Data Encryption Product Buyer’s Guide

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Tom's IT ProTom's IT ProTom's IT Pro: How to Use Amazon’s Glacier to Cut Storage Costs, Nvidia’s Grid Visual Computing Appliance: A Game Changer for VDI?, Cisco Launches Lean and Mean 100G CPAK Transceiver Tech, Implement QoS for Better Network Performance and Reliability, and more.

How to Use Amazon’s Glacier to Cut Storage Costs

Do long term projections of Amazon S3 storage costs keep you from moving some of your data to the cloud?

Nvidia’s Grid Visual Computing Appliance: A Game Changer for VDI?

The industry’s very first Visual Computing Appliance (VCA) enabled by Nvidia’s grid technology, is seemingly making strides for virtual desktop infrastructure. Will it be a game changer for VDI?

Cisco Launches Lean and Mean 100G CPAK Transceiver Tech

CPAK will help enable vastly increasing global IP traffic for video and other multimedia content.

Implement QoS for Better Network Performance and Reliability

IT pros now looking to Quality of Service as way to alleviate the thorny network problems they wrestle with every day.

Payment Card Security and Training: Why It Matters

Comprised of specific requirements regarding payment card security procedures, policies and guidelines, there are numerous programs that train, test and certify qualified professionals in PCI Security standards.

Making the UC Management Decision

Important guidelines for choosing on-premise or managed UC.

Software Asset Management: Licensing Compliance and Enforcement

Save your company on software licensing costs while helping to avoid legal costs related to software licensing violations with a software asset management tool.

Slideshow: Data Encryption Products - A Buyer’s Guide

There’s no reason you and your team need to learn the hard way about enterprise data encryption strategies.

Moore’s Law In Pictures: An Illustrated History of the Microprocessor

Consider the orders of magnitude (and sheer manufacturing prowess) required to morph the very first 4-Bit microprocessors into the multicore powerhouses we use today.

Slideshow: Where to Learn IT Skills Online

There are plenty of resources online to meet whatever learning style you prefer.

Cartoon: King on IT: IBM Moving Jobs to Mexico

IBM to move the bulk of its server manufacturing jobs from Rochester, Minnesota facility to Mexico.

Understanding Software Asset and License Management

Together, these disciplines are important because they provide important outward- and inward-facing functions to help avoid or mitigate risk, ensure compliance, and lower the burden on service or helpdesk operations.

Get Smart: Building Your UC Education

An inhibitor to any stage of unified communications deployment is a lack of education.

When Application Tuning Becomes Network Optimization

When application components have been tuned but performance problems remain, the network becomes a prime suspect.

VIDEO: Understanding Unified Communications

Learn about Unified Communications and training opportunities in this growing area so vital to business success.

Understanding HIPAA Privacy and Security

If you and your company gather and retain private patient data subject to HIPAA, you absolutely cannot afford to ignore these privacy requirements.

IT Job Market Improving? Maybe Yes, Maybe No

Improving business confidence means fewer layoffs in the future for IT, and increasing business investments in IT jobs and infrastructure. But it’s not yet time for IT pros to celebrate.

Big Data Trends: Surviving The Hype

Survey suggests you are trailing one of the most significant disruptive technology trends we've seen in years.

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