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Corporate Data Hogs: 12 Facts about Mobile Data Consumption

Corporate Data Hogs: 12 Facts about Mobile Data Consumption
Who Are the Corporate Data Hogs?

How closely do you study your company’s mobile data bill? Odds are that when it comes to mobile data usage among workers, you’re most preoccupied with security, with cost-savings as an afterthought. But it could behoove you to know who among your mobile workers are consuming the most data. In the age of BYOD, the results can be striking. We’re not saying you’re necessarily overpaying per gigabyte, but costs do keep rising as mobile workers consume more and more data. An average employee at a large organization will consume over 3GB per month in the coming years -- that’s a per worker bill of $101, according to mobile data management company Visage. What’s causing the increase? Video streaming and downloading (for presentations, of course), apps, social media management. Of course, at the same time that consumption is going up, data speeds are also skyrocketing. LTE networks will make your mobile workers ever more efficient. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider policies that restrict the voracious data habits of your company’s mobile data hogs. Read on to find out about mobile worker data use behaviors.

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