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Data Warehouse: Business Challenges & Impact

Data Warehousing: The Compelling Business Case

The business challenges and impact of, as well as executive-level information required for, implementing a Data Warehousing platform.

The Business Challenges

The example below details the business issue with data collection and reporting for Television Programming.  Using action words will help bring to life the severity of the challenge such as:

  • Unable to provide timely or necessarily accurate trending analysis.
  • Current processes are reliant on manual compiling of data, calculations and report distribution.
  • Multiple data sources provide challenges in regards to data collection and reuse.
  • Consolidated data based historical trending and forecast modeling is unattainable
  • Unable to perform data aggregation of rating information for Television content.
  • Dashboard reporting and/or customer reporting are not currently possible.

The next example depicts the functions the business needs to be able to perform that will provide the information necessary out of the Data Warehouse to assist with the best decision making possible.

The Television Programming organization is required to perform the following:

  • Collect research and distribute historical trending information to analyze performance.
  •  Ability to use data to create new distribution agreements, counter programming and/or monitor existing agreements.
  • Schedule worldwide titles/episodes based on localized trends, upcoming events/promotions and/or tie programming to relevant product releases.
  • Provide management type dashboard reporting for historical trending, analysis and forecast modeling.

 The Business Impact

For this Television related business case , it is important to state specific information that will provide value and change the way in which decisions are made. 

Examples include:

  • Target providers, historical and trending analysis
  • Target platforms, historical and trending analysis
  • Allocation and residual calculations
  • Title/episode trend information by platform and/or provider
  • Schedule forecasting by provider, platform, title
  • Content performance by provider, platform, title and episode
  • Content metrics – views and/or ratings information
  • Scheduling matrix and/or associated promotions across Television programming and free-to-air syndication.
  • Trending by outlet, title, and episode.
  • Territory program scheduling matrix.
  • Rollout up dashboard management reporting reflecting historical and forecast trending by territory, platform and title.

If this information is not readily available and impacts revenues, it will clearly be a good business case for building a Television Data Warehouse solution.

Data collection and shaping will be targeted based upon the needs of each. Specify the summary of high-level project goals that will be achieved within the scope of the Data Warehouse project. This may include shaped/focused data based on business needs (i.e. Data Marts), custom management and executive dashboards that provide relevant historical trending and forecasting metrics, customized data extraction to a variety of tools and/or customized shared reporting, and last , secure sections for reporting and data by group.

The Executive Level Information Needed

Keep in mind that the Office of the President needs to have a timely and reliable source of reporting information for use in decision making processes. The sources of the information needed may be vast and include internal as well as external data sources.  When the senior management of an organization is prohibited from making critical business decisions because they don’t have the right data or inaccurate data, they are at risk of making decisions that may impact the health of the organization.  Not having the ability to provide timely or necessarily accurate trending analysis or being reliant on manual computing of data which may lead to data integrity issues is a big problem. 

The Office of the President also needs to be able to provide the management team management type dashboard reporting that shows historical trending, analysis and forecast modeling.  Their goal is to compile accurate and statistical data facts specific to Television for executive presentations and/or announcements. Facts referenced must come from reliable sources of information and must provide the ability to “drill down” hierarchy information in order to see detail historical trending.