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Healthcare Industry Faces Big Data Revolution

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Healthcare Industry Faces Big Data RevolutionHealthcare Industry Faces Big Data RevolutionThere is some notion that the healthcare industry has to embrace the requirements and opportunities presented by big data environments.

In a conversation with Information Week, Thomas Jackiewicz, CEO of Keck Medical Center of the University of Southern California suggested that healthcare organizations should recognize a trend which requires the management and analysis of data.

As examples, there was a note of genetics, which can produce significant amounts of data in genome sequencing and will be increasingly important in personalized healthcare solutions. Also, the growing penetration of wireless wearable medical devices will deliver data on a massive scale. Such scenarios call for qualified and dedicated staff as well as applied solutions to interpret data.

Jackiewicz believes that academic medical centers will evolve to become hubs to store and analyze data that can be made available to community medical centers as well as local physicians. "An academic medical center can really bring expertise to bear," Jackiewicz said.

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