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Dell Intros Server Appliances for Oracle, Cloudera, DBs

By - Source: Toms IT Pro

Dell has announced four new converged infrastructure appliances aimed at enterprise deployments. The appliances include solutions suited for data analytics and high intensity workloads, as well as database deployments.

Acceleration Appliance for Databases

The first new appliance from Dell targets large database deployments using a converged infrastructure model. The appliance will combine Dell's PowerEdge Servers, a Dell storage solution and a Dell Networking switch. It will also utilize Fusion-io's Atomic Memory as a PCIe attached, solid state memory unit. Read: Fusion-io & Dell Acclerate with New All-Flash Database Array

The appliances can be used for both SQL and NoSQL architectures, with support for MongoDB, Apache Cassandra, Microsoft SQL Server 2014, MySQL, Sybase, and Oracle, among others.

Dell is also pushing its Fluid Cache for SAN, a caching solution that uses Dell's Express Flash PCIe SSD-enabled PowerEdge servers and software for scaling memory cache in order to speed up SAN I/O performance.

Integrated System for Oracle 12c Database

Similar to the Acceleration Appliance for Databases, this appliance comes pre-packaged with Oracle 12c Database software and is best suited for mid-size deployments. The pre-packaged database solutions include Oracle Linux, Oracle VM, Oracle Enterprise Manager and Oracle Fusion Applications.

The appliance is in a 16U form factor and is comprised of four ION Data Accelerators, two Mellanox SX6036 switches and four Oracle RAC nodes. It provides up to 40GB of bandwidth with 56GB InfiniBand ConnectX-3 VPI adapters and 19.5TB of storage. The appliance has four database servers and four storage servers in total.

In-Memory Appliances for Cloudera Enterprise

Made in partnership with Cloudera, this appliance is purpose-built for Apache Hadoop deployments. The appliance comes packaged with Cloudera's enterprise data hub and includes ScaleMP’s Versatile SMP architecture, which pools servers into a single VM to increase in-memory processing power.

The appliance is meant to support intense workloads, such as batch processing, interactive SQL or data analytics, and is built for use with Apache environments; these include Apache Spark and Apache Solr, as well as Cloudera Impala. Read: Cloudera Impala: SQL for Hadoop at Last?

The In-Memory Appliances for Cloudera Enterprise will be offered in several different pre-configured units.

Dell XC Series of Web-Scale Converged Appliances

The final appliance announcement combines Nutanix converged infrastructure software with Dell PowerEdge servers. The appliance is built for a web-scale approach to virtualization, meaning software defined systems wherever possible. Read: Dell PowerEdge Server Appliances Scale-Out with Nutanix

Specifically, Dell provides a software defined storage architecture to go along with Nutanix web-scale software. Some key features of the software include REST APIs used for task automation, data analytics, along with a complete distribution of data and operations across your cluster. Hypervisors supported by Nutanix include VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V and KVM.

The XC Series of Web-Scale Converged Appliances will be available in the fourth quarter of 2014.