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Research Suggests There is Too Much Cooling in Data Centers

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Research Suggests There is Too Much Cooling in Data CentersResearch Suggests There is Too Much Cooling in Data CentersNew research coming out of the University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC) suggests that data centers may be overly cautious when cooling their data centers.

Bianca Schroeder, a UTSC assistant professor of computer science, argues that server environments can be run in warmer environments without sacrificing their reliability. Turning down the air conditioning could result in substantial savings as a result.

In a paper entitled "Temperature Management in Data Centers: Why Some (Might) Like It Hot" the researcher describes that a typical server environment that is kept between 22 and 25 degrees Celsius could sustain a temperature "much more than that." While previous studies indicated that every 10 degree increase above 21 degrees Celsius will decrease the long-term reliability for a server by 50 percent, the authors of the study claim that higher temperatures either did not prove to show negative effects on the equipment, or the negative effects were "smaller than predicted"."

Specifically, the paper states that for temperatures below 50 degrees Celsius, "the prevalence of latent sector errors increases much more slowly with temperature, than reliability models suggest." Half of the observed servers did not show any effect at all, while the others showed an increase that "is linear rather than exponential."

The paper is based on the study of "more than a dozen data centers at three different organizations." Detailed findings are published in SIGMETRICS'12: 2012 Conference Proceedings Volume: 40 Issue: 01 and is available for $15.

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