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DataStax Releases DSE 4.7 Distributed Database Platform

By - Source: Datastax

DataStax announced the release of DataStax Enterprise (DSE) 4.7, the latest offering in its distributed database platform. DSE 4.7 is designed to meet the database demands of Web, mobile and Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

Updates to DSE in version 4.7 includes integrated search, analytics and upgraded security features.

DSE Search in version 4.7 uses "Live indexing" to allow queries to be run against recently indexed data, and it makes transactional data immediately available. Search components in DSE 4.7 can be set up in a distributed and redundant architecture. Speeding up the queries in DSE 4.7 is an intelligent routing system that sends queries to the fastest-performing search server in the cluster.

Analytics in DSE 4.7 integrates with Spark SQL and Spark MLlib and provides automatic high availability for Spark Analytics. Developers can use Apache Solr search syntax to run analytics and search within the same nodes. Analytics in 4.7 has been improved to allow up to 50x the amount of RAM to be used for in-memory operations.

Security enhancements in DSE 4.7 include advanced encryption, with support for off-server key management using Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP).

DSE 4.7 also comes with Apache Cassandra 2.1, also from DataStax. Apache Cassandra is an open source NoSQL database. Version 2.1 of Apache Cassandra allows user-defined types and improved metrics reporting.

"As the amount of data collected by enterprise web and mobile applications continues to grow at an immense rate, it's critical to have database systems in place that are capable of providing instant insight into that data," said Robin Schumacher, vice president of products, DataStax. "With DataStax Enterprise 4.7 and OpsCenter 5.2, users can search, analyze, secure and manage all their online data in one platform and ensure it's immediately available for real-time decision making."

OpsCenter 5.2 is management and monitoring software from DataStax slated for release in June 2015. DataStax Enterprise 4.7 is available now.