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Dell To Showcase ARM Microserver This Week

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According to a post on its Official Corporate Blog, Dell's Data Center Solutions (DCS) team will be previewing its 64-bit ARM server during this week's ARM TechCon 2013 in Santa Clara, CA.  Starting today, the Dell team will be giving demonstrations of its "Copper" ARM-based server to conference attendees. 

Robert Hormuth, Office of the CTO, Dell, blogs that along with AppliedMicro, ARM Holding, PMC and Red Hat, Dell DCS will demonstrate a microserver built with parts coming from each of these aforementioned ecosystem partners.  The OS running on the server is Fedora Linux, the community based Linux operating system owned by Red Hat; the 64-bit SoC running the server will be provided by AppliedMicro; and the 16-port 12Gb/s SAS storage solution using Dell JBOD comes from the last partner left in the list, PMC.

With HP getting a lot of the publicity over their Project Moonshot server and the various ARM based chip makers lining up behind Intel, who all want a piece of the microserver market, Round Rock-based Dell definitely has some ground to cover.  Hormuth says, "We plan to deliver a proof of concept solution based on AppliedMicro’s 64-bit ARM technology in early 2014, to further accelerate the development of the 64-bit ARM ecosystem and support testing with select customers."

The post also discusses how Dell began developing its microserver technology in 2007, but the company didn't start the actual program for the then called "Copper" ARM based servers until 2012, initially working with web and hyperscale customers. "We've gained great insights into customer workloads as a result of our program," writes Hormuth.


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