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Dell's PowerVault NX NAS Gets R2 of Windows Storage Server

By - Source: Dell

Oliver Kaven from Dell's Product Group storage team said this week that the company will be releasing the R2 version of Windows Storage Server 2012 this month on the NX400, NX3200 and NX3300 PowerVault NX NAS appliances.

Kaven reports that the most notable changes in terms of storage are around the SMB protocol. These changes include better SMB Direct performance, automatic rebalancing for Cluster Shared Volumes (CSV) and Hyper-V Live Migration. Storage Spaces now offer SSD write-back cache, parity on failover clusters and dual parity.

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Windows Server 2012 also addresses the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) scenario through the new Work Folders feature. This enables users to access work files from their own personal device while organizations maintain centralized control over access policies.

Kaven also reports that additional improvements were made to Failover Clustering. These improvements include better virtual machine availability and enhancements to Cluster Shared Volumes (CSV). Hyper-V now provides shared Virtual Hard Disks (VHD) and the capability to resize VHDs while a VM is running.

Another new feature is an enhanced data reduction, which now includes support for Cluster Shared Volumes. For those running a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), users can now dedupe their live VMs that are stored on a file server connected via SMB.

"Bottom line, if you need a storage solution for enterprise home shares, Hyper-V workloads or need SMB3 capabilities, then Dell’s Windows Storage 2012 R2 appliances running on our award winning PowerEdge server hardware can be an excellent fit," Kaven writes.

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