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Dell XC Series Powered By Nutanix Ready For Web-Scale

By - Source: Toms IT Pro

In June, Dell and Nutanix announced a partnership to deliver a line of web-scale hyper-converged storage appliances that integrate Dell's x86 server platform and Nutanix' operating system (NOS). Today the companies said the first units are ready and will be shipping next week, starting November 11.

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The two companies moved quickly with the OEM partnership, developing five different configuration options that offer varied capacities and performance at different price points. All of the units combine compute and storage, utilizing Dell's PowerEdge R720xd, Intel CPUs, and Nutanix' OS 3.5. Here's how the five models break down:

Dual Intel Xeon CPUsE52620v2E52650v2E52680v2E52690v2E52690v2
SSDs (3.5" SATA)2 x 200 GB2 x 400 GB2 x 400 GB2 x 800 GB2 x 800 GB
HDDs (3.5")4 x 1 TB4 x 1 TB4 x 1 TB10 x 2 TB8 x 2TB
DIMMs16 GB RDIMM, 1866 MT/s16 GB RDIMM, 1866 MT/s 32 GB LRDIMM, 1866 MT/s
Memory64 GB, 128 GB, 256 GB128 GB, 256 GB, 384 GB, 512 GB, 768 GB

Three of the Dell-branded hyper-converged appliances (XXC720xd-A5, XC720xd-B5, XC720xd-B7) are geared specifically for VDI deployments. The models can meet different VDI scenarios (persistent/non-persistent desktops) and are pre-configured for different types of users and virtualization platforms (Citrix, Microsoft, VMware), Dan O'Farrell, senior director of product marketing for Dell Cloud Client-Computing told Tom's in an interview.

Besides VDI, the appliances can be used for other virtualized applications, including disaster recovery and business continuity as well as private cloud deployments with VMware, Hyper-V and KVM support options. Other workloads can include test and development, database applications, web applications and more.

The Dell XC series appliances allow customers to start out with a more cost effective option and then incrementally add new appliances as the need arises, Travis Vigil, executive director of product management for Dell storage told Tom’s. The units can scale linearly, adding capacity one node at a time, so you don’t lose out on performance as you scale out. This way customers don’t need to overinvest, Vigil explained. Customers can also mix and match different models and match units to specific use cases or users; for example, the test and development team can have a system tuned to their needs, according to Vigil.

The Dell XC series appliances are available for purchase now through Dell and its global channel partners. Pricing is comparable to Nutanix appliances. For more information, visit