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Docker Engine 1.12 Brings New Orchestration, Deployment, Security Enhancements

By - Source: Docker

Today at DockerCon 2016, the annual conference for Docker container technology and the surrounding ecosystem, the latest release of Docker Engine was announced. Docker Engine 1.12 features Swarm mode, which enables orchestration and allows developers to build applications that span multiple services. Other feature improvements in the latest version include an Application Programming Interface (API) that facilitates a simplified service deployment process, advancements in multi-host routing and security enhancements.

In version 1.12, users can enable swarm mode, which turns the Docker Engine into an orchestration engine that is able to self-organize and self-heal. Where previously this type of orchestration was only available with a high amount of expertise and labor, with the capabilities built directly into the engine, the utilization of swarms is easier to use for users of Docker, no matter the size of the organization or the amount of resources available to the project.

The Service Deployment API enables DevOps and infrastructure teams to take advantage of built-in commands that define services as well as connect them to storage, networking and compute resources on the host. Additional functionality in the API allows for scaling to enable higher performance, better consistency and redundancy.

Also in this latest version is a routing mesh. This feature networks together multiple hosts, and enables container-aware load balancing. Once enabled, automatic service discovery evaluates the environment, identifies services and creates dynamic traffic rules to get communications to the right containers. 

Security enhancements in version 1.12 offer cryptographic node identity, which gives administrators control over which nodes are authorized to handle sensitive workloads or access sensitive networks.

For Docker users that are implementing a Docker solution in the cloud, Docker Engine can be provisioned in either Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure. Either of these cloud providers are able to quickly provision a swarm of Docker Engines, as well as provide access to custom plugins that provide access to the underlying resources such as storage, networking and compute.

Docker Engine 1.12 is expected to be available in July 2016.