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Docker Releases Technical Preview Of Docker Engine For Windows Server

By - Source: Docker

Coinciding with the deployment of Microsoft's third Windows Server 2016 technical preview, Docker has released its own technical preview of Docker Engine for Windows Server.

Docker first teamed up with Microsoft last November, when Microsoft pledged to work with the open source community and bring containerization to the Windows platform. This is notably the first time Microsoft has contributed code to open source projects, a fact Docker Senior Engineering Manager Arnaud Porterie found rather overwhelming.

"It has been and still remains quite unbelievable for us to interact with Microsoft on an Open Source project," Porterie stated in the blog. "Even if we confess a bit of skepticism in the early days, we have to admit now how impressed (and really, slightly overwhelmed) we have been by the pace of the Microsoft contributors."

Docker relies heavily on the use of Linux kernel features, and Microsoft's latest build adds containerization to the Windows kernel, allowing any user code to execute a process in a sandboxed environment, making it the only Windows Server operating system capable of running the Docker daemon today.

Docker Engine for Windows Server port runs on the same open source code base being built for Linux and Windows. While Docker is confident most of the commands developers already know will operate as expected on Windows Server, it also warned that this is only a first step towards integration into the Windows build and that the Docker daemon is not feature complete yet. Notably, the "docker push" command is not supported in this release.

As preview builds of Windows Server 2016 and its open source counterparts are released, the anticipation for retail versions of these products grows. Docker and Microsoft are proving to be a very productive tag team, and the best is yet to come from both of their enterprise offerings.

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