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Dropbox Separates Business From Personal Cloud Storage

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Last week Dropbox announced that its Dropbox for Business product will be enhanced with tools that might entice enterprise IT to take the popular cloud storage solution more seriously in the workplace.

Dropbox for Business, which was rebranded from Dropbox for Teams earlier this year, wants to give end users the ability to access both their work Dropbox and their personal Dropbox from the same computer or device.  This will reduce users putting business related files in their personal Dropbox and vice versa.  In order to accommodate this, a personal Dropbox is connected to the Dropbox for Business, keeping its own password, files, settings, and other information separate.

Dropbox also plans on giving more control over the Dropbox for Business account to the IT admins in the form of audit log sharing, remote wipe, and account transfers.

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Audit log sharing will allow an admin to pull up an activity report that will give them a view of events for both shared folder and shared links down to the file and user.  The IT admin will be able to track when someone creates or joins a shared folder or when someone sends out a link to a shared document and when someone accesses that link. The information captured will also attempt to identify the name of the person performing the activity, the IP address of the device used to access the account, and whether or not the action was performed by someone outside the user's team.

Additionally a feature to protect sensitive business data is included that provides the ability to remote wipe data from lost or stolen devices or from devices that are left when an employee leaves the organization.  To keep it simple, the admin can choose to wipe a single device or wipe all devices when removing a user account.  If someone leaves the organization, or for example, when one consultant is replaced with another on a project, a complete transfer of files can be made.

According to Dropbox, the new features will be rolled out to existing Dropbox for Business customers later this month.

Pricing for Dropbox for Business is $795 per year for 5 users and $125 per year for each additional user, with unlimited storage.